September 2, 2014

I got TRANSFERED! Yeah that’s right! only a single transfer in the wonderful area of Kountze! I will not lie, I was absolutely devastated at first… But God did what He always does best at, He humbled me. And now I am in the great area of Kingwood! While I may be out of the country, I am at least not in any ghetto areas. My new companion goes by the name, Elder Hansen, he has only been out for 12 weeks and just got finished training. And get this: At transfer meeting before I even knew where I was going and who I was going to be with, President Drake came up to me and told me, “This next area and companion is going to prepare you.” I don’t know about Y’all, But since I am “post-training” Elder Hansen, I am taking it that I may very well be training soon!
Well guess what also?! After 19 months of serving my mission, only now have I fully incorporated my talents in singing in teaching lessons. And let me say that it has been amazing! It has brought the spirit strongly in the lessons we have taught!
Unfortunately that’s all the juicy news I have for this week, but from what I have heard about this area I will have plenty to tell next week.
Oh! Almost forgot to remind y’all about weekly reading. Currently we are in the Book of Mormon (finally) and are in more specifically the book of 3rd Nephi chapters 4 or 5 I believe.
Remember those who write get a handwritten letter!

Until next week!
Elder Six
my new address is 2921 sycamore springs Drive apt 199, kingwood, Texas, 33779

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August 25, 2014

Well the meeting with Elder Cook went absolutely amazing…. but unfortunately we were not allowed to record anything in there, so no video of me singing, sorry…… but, Both Elder and Sister Cook gave directly to me great praise for the song I sang (I sung “come thou font of every blessing”). I felt really happy. But the BEST part (yes even better than music) was when he gave the entire mission an apostolic blessing! In his blessing he promised that our familes home would be taken care of, and that tey would be well. He also promised us baisically aid in our trials and that the trials we have been and/or going through would help us bless the lives of others!
It was so exciting! It was also very humbling, because when we met him, sure I felt the spirit so uniquely powerfully, but he was still just a man…An Extremely obedient, spiritual, and awesome one albelit… but still a man. Its jsust one of those things that you have to experience for yourself! But Ya totally awesome!
For this weeks weekly reading I belive that we are in john 18 and will be transtioning into 3rd Nephi after that is over. Remeber to start in Ch. 1.
I absolutely cannot belive that it is the last week in the transfer! Time is seriously going faster and fatser it is almost too rediculous!
Oh we had an awesome miracle happen this last week! So we have this 48 year old investigator named star, Well when we went over to see turns out that the previous hour she got a call that her som was stabbed to death that mormning, so the poor woman was in a mess. so we taught her the plan of salvation and gave her a blessing… no more that than 5 minuets later she gets a call that they were able to revive her son! It was so awesome to see all that unfold, not only that but it really helped open star up to us more.
Well that is todays update on the wonderful life a missionary!
Love Y’all so much!

Elder Remington Rockwell Six

remeber if you read the assignments and email me i will wrte you a handwritten letter

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August 18, 2014

You will not believe IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been asked to sing a special musical number for Elder Cook!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly cannot believe how happy I am right NOW! And to make it better, Remeber the Halleys? Well….. They got baptized this last Saturday!!!!!!!!! It was honestly one of the best baptisms I have ever been to, I have had 10 so far on my mission! You know when I first came out here I was almost not expecting to get any baptismas at all, But look at all that God has blessed me with, It more awesome beyond words!
Elder Case and I are still getting along very well, He is a really awesome guy! We joke fight almost all the time, someone once said while observing us that we talked like an old married couple! That got a few good laughs!
I honestly cannot belive that this transfer is almost over! It seemed like yesterday that we were starting it!
Well either way the weekly reading still is going on! We are currently still in the Book of John, This week we are starting with chapters 11-17.
Good Luck with it! And until next week, prepare for a truly awesome email!

Love Elder Six

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August 11, 2014

Guess who is coming to the mission to speak to us?!? Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to speak to us! ONE OF THE TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! With any time that I have with the computer I will be researching everything about him, his talk, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This area is really great, A lot of very nice people here! It has been very nice to have the screaming and door slamming cut down a little bit.
Elder Case is great to live with! despite being a new District leader (Record still standing), He is fufilling his role in helping the District get better!
We have had a great time in this area! There are plenty of people who are ready to accept the gospel here…… all they need to do is just simply keep their commitments and come to church.
The ward is especially nice to us, They are very reliable to come with us to lessons and they feed us plenty!
This Pday I found who was in my Zone…. guess who????!!?!?!?!?
Two of my old companions, Elder Collett and Elder Brewer!
This last week truly has been great! Particularaly when we had Zone meeting, and people were bearing their testimonies. I was listening to a Sister Missionary in front of me talking about she had found happiness in her trials when suddenly it hit me harder than anything else before. I had hatted the trials I had been through I hated how they made me suffer, and for so many years I held on to that hatred… but as I bore my testimony, not knowing really what to say, I said the words I thought I would never say, “I am thankful for the trials I have been through” And I Truly meant it. looking back now I see that My trials brought me closer to Heavenly Father, helped me lean more on the savior’s Atonement, gave me a determination to overcome my weaknesses. I am telling yall right if there is any hate in your life, espcially if it goes beyond trials and is directed at people, let it go NOW! I feel so much more free than I thought was possible! Remember our goal is to be living with Heavenly Father, He will not let those in who have hatred towards one another to enter in exaltation to make that Hate eternal.
As for the reading this week, yeas we will be continuing onto John and afte him we will be reading 3rd Nephi.
Love Y’all a bunch!

Elder Six

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August 4, 2014

Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely loving this new area….. But I cannot believe That I only have 6 months left…. Man it feels soooooo weird! I mean it seriously feels like I only started just yesterday!
Anyway I have got some very exciting news! I had a Baptism this Sunday! Of course it was back at Pasadena, it was for a 10 year old girl that Elder Griffiths and I taught.
The drive was surprisingly not that bad, even if it was a total of 3 hours and 20 minuets long, It was totally worth it!
I am very excited to back to Pasadena once again to see the Halley’s Baptisms!
Well I have been doing very well here, Recently we have been having a contest who could have the most contacts in the district. We got 2nd place and we were so close!
Almost forgot to mention, last pday we did one of the things I dislike the most in this world…..
Fishing…. But I must confess that this time was very different….. I actually caught something (Sorry mom the California trip did not really count due to the fact we were all too drowsy to appreciate anything due to the sea sick pills you gave us)
Life is good, though it does get a little crazy here and now due to the stress of the impending future…….
do not worry! I will be just fine! Don’t forget to do your weekly reading!

Love Elder Six

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July 28, 2014

Well Guess what?! I am in the country part of my area! And I Love it! It has so much nature… with the right amount of civilization! My new companion is really awesome as well, his name is Elder Case.
So far this area has shown a lot of Promise, ams I am very excited to see what will happen these upcomming transfers…. It has been kinda scary to think that this may be the last area I spend on the mission….. Oh well cant think about that to hard just yet!
By the way How has everyone’s reading been going? I believe that we are currently at luke chapter 13 0r something along those lines, things have been a bit hectic since the transfers so my memeory is not the best right now.
I cant say much about the ward considering the fact that the church building was under repairs and was closed this sunday. we still went to church but somewhere else.

By the way my new address is:
635 East Fox Street
Kountze, Texas

I look forward to fruther informing you on the wonderful area of Kountze…..

Almost forgot! A big special shout out for Everyone (so far who was able to) Who sent a birthday package/letter to me!

With love
Elder Six

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July 14, 2014

Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!( I wonder how many times I have said that on my mission) Well it is your favorite time of the week, Hearing from me….. As you can tell from the title (which also happens a lot) This week went great! Ricky was confirmed, We had 5 people at church, Two of which were the Halleys. The Halleys and a 10 year old girl we are teaching have baptismal dates. WE ARE GETTING NEW INVESTIGATORS GALORE! I know I have said this countless times since being in this area, but now this area is finally bursting with success!
By the way, This week has also been great due to the fact that I have uncovered an awesome way to just be happy…. SERVING AND LOVING OTHERS IN BOTH ACTION AND HEART/MIND. Now you are probably thinking to yourself now, ” wait a minuet isn’t he a missionary? Shouldn’t he already know this from day one?” I thought so to, but I as I also have learned, is that when we think we Know everything, God finds a way to tell us that we don’t.
I have found That when we stop thinking about ourselves and how to fix our imperfections, and instead start thinking of ways to help improve others… Well the best I can explain is that life just works out great!
Here is the trick, You have got to ask for that love. Now may think, “I already love so many people, I am fully capable of loving others without any help…” WRONG! remember, everything that we have is from God, especially love, I mean think of all the time you have prayed for help and someone special whom you love or later grew to love came to your aid. Also think of this, Think of all the people that you don’t love…. in fact if there is a single person you hate in your life, then you really need to ask God for help.
For the past 2 days I have been sincerely asking God to bless me with the Gift of Charity and Love…. The result: BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES GALORE!
That Is my commitment for this week…. with a promise: any who does this, Praying for selflessness and love, for a week, and then emails me their experience next Monday, I will send them a letter! Please keep the these 2 scriptures in mind: 1 Corinthians 13 and Moroni 7.
Speaking of Scriptures, I believe that we are past chapter 14 in Mark. Remember, read it, email me, and receive letter!
Well that’s all for this week, Will let you know what happens transfer wise!

Love Elder Six

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