October 6, 2014

Hey Y’all Your favorite missionary is here! Well to get right to the point let me explain why The title is the way that it is. It is in commemoration of the New Movie, Meet the Mormons! in fact that is this week’s weekly assignment: see the Movie: Meet the Mormons And then tell me about it.
For those of you who haven’t looked up conference yet this is your chance to catch up by watching the talks and then emailing me what you learned from it!
Any Way on to the good stuff……. Well I’ll be honest, this past week has been a little bit slow… and by slow I mean Everybody was flipping canceling on us! I truly love doing missionary work, but sometimes it can be just downright frustrating! Oh well… I guess if it was not easy for Jesus and all the other prophets of old, should be no different for us….. At least people aren’t throwing rocks at us, crucifying us, burning us, throwing us to the lions, and etc.
Elder Hansen Is so great! He is literally one of my best companions! Even though he is a total sports fanatic and I am going into a depression for missing the newest SUPER SMASH BROS GAME, we have a lot in common, And share a strong love for the Gospel!
……. man I do not like it when nothing much happens… Fortunately this week, Y’all get pictures!
So please enjoy those!
Well I am at the last week of this transfer…. I a have strong feeling that Elder Hansen and I will be together for another transfer….. Man and to think that in the transfer after this next one I will be going through both thanksgiving and Christmas…. and then at the end of the transfer after that one… I’m going home……..

Love Elder Six

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