September 22, 2014

I cannot Believe how fast time has gone! Half of this transfer is already over! Time is going faster and faster! Its so hard at times to keep my journal updated at times! I almost forget to write memorable moments like this one: So I am driving the car and Elder Hansen and I are talking. Suddenly he asks, “have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?” Then I say, “No.” After a few more seconds he suddenly tells me “you should probably slow down.” I do so…. but unfortunately a cop signals us to pull over. While the cop is walking over to us, I am giving Elder Hansen the most evil glare I can manage, saying “This is all your fault! You jinxed me!” Fortunately The cop let me off with a warning And we were off! This note is just for the parents, Don’t scold me I know what I did wrong, and for the most part anyway I more careful.
Being in a rich area has its good sides and its bad sides. Good side is that we practically get fed every day! Bad side is that it is harder to get lessons here than any other place I have served.
Just a friendly reminder to Y’all, WEEKLY READING. this week I believe we are in the last 7 chapters of 3rd Nephi! Well I have definitely gained a lot from this study on Christ! Remember, those who read and send me an email about what they learned will get a handwritten letter!
just a little hint of what is probably coming next, General conference is coming up and I am very excited for that! Well this week should be a very lesson filled one so I am excited!
Till next week!

Love Elder Six

From Parents: What a great birthday present, hearing from our Elder.

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