September 15, 2014

Hey Everybody! Dang…………. time is just not your friend on a mission. It is so hard to get that balance of just having the right amount to do, but much of the time it seems that we either have too little or even to much (which is not too bad, but it can cause some real stress problems).
The area is doing really well, We had an awesome lesson with a lady named Cindy and her family. While I am not sure about the rest of her family, she is practically Golden! seriously! Guess what her definition of a prophet was: one who is called of God to declare his word and interpret/prophesy of the past, present, and future! The lesson got so much better from there! And it only got better and better! She even cried by the end of our lesson!
Elder Hansen is really great! if you look at the picture below he is the Elder on you right hand side.
He is a great help to me and this area!
Well here’s an interesting story: While we were at the door of this investigator for our appointment with him, he answered the door…… not fully clothed and told us that he was having lunch. needles to say we were not able to teach him today, but now I have another interesting story to tell.
Well hopefully I will have a lot more to tell next week. Until then!

Love Elder Six

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