September 8, 2014

Hey Y’all! Well it is your favorite time of the week! Receiving your email from me!
As usual time is going faster and faster! I can scarcely believe it at times!
Well this area is a really good one and it has a lot of potential! A little interesting fact about the area I serve in: It has recently quadrupled in size! Because there were not that many English sister missionaries to keep it open. so we inherited all the sisters members, potentials and even investigators! We have a lot of work ahead of us!
the members here are really awesome and I am very excited to work with them! We are very well fed here
Elder Hansen and I are really getting a long great! He is such an awesome missionary! he may have only been out on the mission for 12 weeks but he already teaches like he has out a year!
Guess what happened yesterday? We got totally soaked by the rain! Normally I would not mind, especially if I were in Arizona, but it is a whole other story when you are wearing a white shirt and tie!
But I am still alive so I am very happy!
Guess WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? I have heard a rumor that a General Authority may be coming to this stake next month! I hope this is true!
Well this is going to be a very exciting week for weekly reading!…. as of tomorrow on chapter 11 of 3 Nephi we are reading the Savior’s ministry to the People in America! have fun with that!

Well that is all that I have for Y’all this week! I am very much looking forward to next week!
Love Elder Six

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