September 2, 2014

I got TRANSFERED! Yeah that’s right! only a single transfer in the wonderful area of Kountze! I will not lie, I was absolutely devastated at first… But God did what He always does best at, He humbled me. And now I am in the great area of Kingwood! While I may be out of the country, I am at least not in any ghetto areas. My new companion goes by the name, Elder Hansen, he has only been out for 12 weeks and just got finished training. And get this: At transfer meeting before I even knew where I was going and who I was going to be with, President Drake came up to me and told me, “This next area and companion is going to prepare you.” I don’t know about Y’all, But since I am “post-training” Elder Hansen, I am taking it that I may very well be training soon!
Well guess what also?! After 19 months of serving my mission, only now have I fully incorporated my talents in singing in teaching lessons. And let me say that it has been amazing! It has brought the spirit strongly in the lessons we have taught!
Unfortunately that’s all the juicy news I have for this week, but from what I have heard about this area I will have plenty to tell next week.
Oh! Almost forgot to remind y’all about weekly reading. Currently we are in the Book of Mormon (finally) and are in more specifically the book of 3rd Nephi chapters 4 or 5 I believe.
Remember those who write get a handwritten letter!

Until next week!
Elder Six
my new address is 2921 sycamore springs Drive apt 199, kingwood, Texas, 33779

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