August 25, 2014

Well the meeting with Elder Cook went absolutely amazing…. but unfortunately we were not allowed to record anything in there, so no video of me singing, sorry…… but, Both Elder and Sister Cook gave directly to me great praise for the song I sang (I sung “come thou font of every blessing”). I felt really happy. But the BEST part (yes even better than music) was when he gave the entire mission an apostolic blessing! In his blessing he promised that our familes home would be taken care of, and that tey would be well. He also promised us baisically aid in our trials and that the trials we have been and/or going through would help us bless the lives of others!
It was so exciting! It was also very humbling, because when we met him, sure I felt the spirit so uniquely powerfully, but he was still just a man…An Extremely obedient, spiritual, and awesome one albelit… but still a man. Its jsust one of those things that you have to experience for yourself! But Ya totally awesome!
For this weeks weekly reading I belive that we are in john 18 and will be transtioning into 3rd Nephi after that is over. Remeber to start in Ch. 1.
I absolutely cannot belive that it is the last week in the transfer! Time is seriously going faster and fatser it is almost too rediculous!
Oh we had an awesome miracle happen this last week! So we have this 48 year old investigator named star, Well when we went over to see turns out that the previous hour she got a call that her som was stabbed to death that mormning, so the poor woman was in a mess. so we taught her the plan of salvation and gave her a blessing… no more that than 5 minuets later she gets a call that they were able to revive her son! It was so awesome to see all that unfold, not only that but it really helped open star up to us more.
Well that is todays update on the wonderful life a missionary!
Love Y’all so much!

Elder Remington Rockwell Six

remeber if you read the assignments and email me i will wrte you a handwritten letter

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