August 18, 2014

You will not believe IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been asked to sing a special musical number for Elder Cook!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly cannot believe how happy I am right NOW! And to make it better, Remeber the Halleys? Well….. They got baptized this last Saturday!!!!!!!!! It was honestly one of the best baptisms I have ever been to, I have had 10 so far on my mission! You know when I first came out here I was almost not expecting to get any baptismas at all, But look at all that God has blessed me with, It more awesome beyond words!
Elder Case and I are still getting along very well, He is a really awesome guy! We joke fight almost all the time, someone once said while observing us that we talked like an old married couple! That got a few good laughs!
I honestly cannot belive that this transfer is almost over! It seemed like yesterday that we were starting it!
Well either way the weekly reading still is going on! We are currently still in the Book of John, This week we are starting with chapters 11-17.
Good Luck with it! And until next week, prepare for a truly awesome email!

Love Elder Six

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