August 11, 2014

Guess who is coming to the mission to speak to us?!? Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to speak to us! ONE OF THE TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! With any time that I have with the computer I will be researching everything about him, his talk, ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This area is really great, A lot of very nice people here! It has been very nice to have the screaming and door slamming cut down a little bit.
Elder Case is great to live with! despite being a new District leader (Record still standing), He is fufilling his role in helping the District get better!
We have had a great time in this area! There are plenty of people who are ready to accept the gospel here…… all they need to do is just simply keep their commitments and come to church.
The ward is especially nice to us, They are very reliable to come with us to lessons and they feed us plenty!
This Pday I found who was in my Zone…. guess who????!!?!?!?!?
Two of my old companions, Elder Collett and Elder Brewer!
This last week truly has been great! Particularaly when we had Zone meeting, and people were bearing their testimonies. I was listening to a Sister Missionary in front of me talking about she had found happiness in her trials when suddenly it hit me harder than anything else before. I had hatted the trials I had been through I hated how they made me suffer, and for so many years I held on to that hatred… but as I bore my testimony, not knowing really what to say, I said the words I thought I would never say, “I am thankful for the trials I have been through” And I Truly meant it. looking back now I see that My trials brought me closer to Heavenly Father, helped me lean more on the savior’s Atonement, gave me a determination to overcome my weaknesses. I am telling yall right if there is any hate in your life, espcially if it goes beyond trials and is directed at people, let it go NOW! I feel so much more free than I thought was possible! Remember our goal is to be living with Heavenly Father, He will not let those in who have hatred towards one another to enter in exaltation to make that Hate eternal.
As for the reading this week, yeas we will be continuing onto John and afte him we will be reading 3rd Nephi.
Love Y’all a bunch!

Elder Six

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