July 28, 2014

Well Guess what?! I am in the country part of my area! And I Love it! It has so much nature… with the right amount of civilization! My new companion is really awesome as well, his name is Elder Case.
So far this area has shown a lot of Promise, ams I am very excited to see what will happen these upcomming transfers…. It has been kinda scary to think that this may be the last area I spend on the mission….. Oh well cant think about that to hard just yet!
By the way How has everyone’s reading been going? I believe that we are currently at luke chapter 13 0r something along those lines, things have been a bit hectic since the transfers so my memeory is not the best right now.
I cant say much about the ward considering the fact that the church building was under repairs and was closed this sunday. we still went to church but somewhere else.

By the way my new address is:
635 East Fox Street
Kountze, Texas

I look forward to fruther informing you on the wonderful area of Kountze…..

Almost forgot! A big special shout out for Everyone (so far who was able to) Who sent a birthday package/letter to me!

With love
Elder Six

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