July 14, 2014

Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!( I wonder how many times I have said that on my mission) Well it is your favorite time of the week, Hearing from me….. As you can tell from the title (which also happens a lot) This week went great! Ricky was confirmed, We had 5 people at church, Two of which were the Halleys. The Halleys and a 10 year old girl we are teaching have baptismal dates. WE ARE GETTING NEW INVESTIGATORS GALORE! I know I have said this countless times since being in this area, but now this area is finally bursting with success!
By the way, This week has also been great due to the fact that I have uncovered an awesome way to just be happy…. SERVING AND LOVING OTHERS IN BOTH ACTION AND HEART/MIND. Now you are probably thinking to yourself now, ” wait a minuet isn’t he a missionary? Shouldn’t he already know this from day one?” I thought so to, but I as I also have learned, is that when we think we Know everything, God finds a way to tell us that we don’t.
I have found That when we stop thinking about ourselves and how to fix our imperfections, and instead start thinking of ways to help improve others… Well the best I can explain is that life just works out great!
Here is the trick, You have got to ask for that love. Now may think, “I already love so many people, I am fully capable of loving others without any help…” WRONG! remember, everything that we have is from God, especially love, I mean think of all the time you have prayed for help and someone special whom you love or later grew to love came to your aid. Also think of this, Think of all the people that you don’t love…. in fact if there is a single person you hate in your life, then you really need to ask God for help.
For the past 2 days I have been sincerely asking God to bless me with the Gift of Charity and Love…. The result: BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES GALORE!
That Is my commitment for this week…. with a promise: any who does this, Praying for selflessness and love, for a week, and then emails me their experience next Monday, I will send them a letter! Please keep the these 2 scriptures in mind: 1 Corinthians 13 and Moroni 7.
Speaking of Scriptures, I believe that we are past chapter 14 in Mark. Remember, read it, email me, and receive letter!
Well that’s all for this week, Will let you know what happens transfer wise!

Love Elder Six

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