July 7, 2014



Guess Why?
RICKY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got to see Elder Brewer there! It has been a very happy week… and Ironically a very down one… only in the regards that we possibly have a Bed bug infestation. I have not be afflicted much, if at at all, But Elder Griffiths has been taking it hard….
But Enough of that dreary news!
We finally got to meet President Drake this week! It was really a great meeting! He and Sis. Drake are really awesome! Guess how they met? At his Welcome home talk…. While at that exact same time She was dating his best friend, and He had just gotten back home to the girl he had been writing his entire mission! Don’t ask me how that all worked out, they did not go into too many details on the story.
We are stiill teaching the Halley Family and they are still progressing awesomely! We are going to be trying to commit them to a date and to attend church this Sunday! Pray for us!
On the weekly Reading We are on mark still, i believe that we are on chapter 9 today… Remember read and email me your thought I will give you a handwritten letter from me! Also, Please invite others to do the reading as well and give them my email so that they can email me their thoughts!
In regards to my upcoming bday (YIKES) please send any letters or packages this week or the very beginning of next week. The new transfer is going to be starting 2 days after my B day and I do not know if I am staying or not.
Well that is all for this week. Looking greatly forward to next one!

Love Elder Six

If you do not know what to get me, money of any amount will do just fine.

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