June 23, 2014

Hey Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, we are getting a new mission President this Saturday and we will be meeting with him this next Wednesday! Exciting….. but slightly depressing that President Crawford is leaving…. but I am always excited for new things to be happening around here! Well I promised Y’all some stories and I got a bunch of good ones
So we were walking through Wal-Mart when this employee walks up to us and asks us if we were Mormon. We said yes and he proceeded to ask us questions about the afterlife! We talked for a little while and left him with a Book Of Mormon.\
Next while we were trying to see one of our investigators a random guy walked up to us and says, “Why do you guys keep on finding me?” we then proceeded to talk to him more about our religion, and he seemed very interested. we too left him with a Book Of Mormon and then left. the rally awesome part about this is that this 2 stories happened during the last hour of the day!
The Temple trip was truly an amazing experience as I always is. I look forward to the day that I will be able to go more often than I am now.
I hope all of Y’all are enjoying the readings, as you may recall we are currently reading in, as of today Matthew 23-mark1. Remember if you read then email me what you learned you get a special handwritten letter!
Also I am giving Y’all a special assignment, invite someone who is not a family member to do the weekly reading and then email me so that I can send and write them as well.
And I will give you some help on who to choose: Go to the members of your ward and invite them to do the reading and emailing with you as well. I would really love to write more people.
well everything is going great here and I absolutely love elder Griifiths, he is so awesome!
Well until next week!

Love Elder Six

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