May 27, 2014

Hey Everybody! Well this week was really a big turnarounder for me…. pretty sure what I just said was an actual phrase but I don’t care I will just say random stuff like that. Anyway this week we had an awesome lesson with Ricky… even though it was a bit weird,,, then it again it is always a bit weird to teach the law of chastity to full grown man…….. for confidentialities sake I cannot fully disclose what all happened or  what was exactly discussed about the law of Chastity… but it was most definitely AWKWARD…. But he has committed to live the Law of Chastity and has even started working on the word of wisdom even when we had not even taught or committed him to live it yet!

For those of you who have not yet gone on missions and plan on doing so soon, my advice to Y’all would be that you never focus on the numbers… it will cause you to have a stressathon. Rather focus on the story behind the numbers that is what really matters most.

Speaking of stories, I have yet again another special Weekly reading assignment……..


For this week I want all of you to go on the website and research your family tree! And when this next Monday comes around I want all y’all to email me either an interesting family story or how you felt as you were searching…. and guess what? From here on out anyone who sends me a detailed report on how their weekly assignment went……


ALSO, prepare yourselves for the weeks to come cause we are having a special several month long reading assignment:

Foundation on Jesus Christ!

Well that is all that I have for you…. OH! I have one more special story…. you know how we missionaries have this intense fear of coming across anti? Well that fear was faced this week. That is right Elder Brewer and I met a former member who was stupid and Anti to the core!

I was barely able to control my temper around the guy!

My advice to Y’all, Read the Book Of Mormon Continually and keep on strengthening your testimony on it, there is some real serious evil out there that will try to destroy your faith keep yourself prepared!


Love Elder Six

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