May 12, 2014

Well as you can tell I am at the famous point in missionary life that you here about here the missionary is somewhat struggling to get lesson and new investigators and it is really hard for him to be motivated…. Fortunately by tallying up all the actual from this last week I have renewed hope that things will be a lot better from here on out.
It is so great to have a companion like Elder Brewer, He is so optimistic and is always searching for new ways to improve the area. Not to mention that He greatly helps motivate me to action when I feel a little tired.
Well it is getting pretty close to the time where President Crawford will be replaced by President Drake… WOW Time really just goes by way too fast….
Just recently I was listening to a talk from a man called John Bytheway. He is an amazing speaker and 1 of the talks that he gave was called “The Parable of the Marinade” I wont spoil the talk because I want Y’all to watch it/ Hear it or whatever way you can listen to it. Basically it gives an awesome twist to the age old saying “you are what you eat.” and heads up it is not about the word of wisdom.
As you may recall that this weeks reading assignment was Example and the scriptures to be read were all in 3rd Nephi. I have really grown to love this part of the Book Of Mormon Greatly because of the increasing love I have gained for the savior… Because He was the perfect EXAMPLE anything that we should strive be he showed the literal way to be so!
Speaking of which It is time for this weeks assignment!
The Topic…..

Well that is it for this week….
but befoire I forget.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE WOMEN READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Six

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