May 5, 2014

Well as you can guess from the title…. a litle awestruck on how much time has passed since starting my mission…. and how little I have left…. Oh well! now is not the time to get trunky…. so long as nobody goes into too much detail about the movies, video games and books that i am missing… because I have heard A LOT about what i am missing, probably more than I would care to know. I mean It is already hard enough to deal with all the time we are at somebodies house and I just happen to see a trailer to a movie that I was really anticipating to see…. anyway sorry about that, just having a little blues due to my old age as a missionary and needed to get that off my chest… and out of my mind as much as possible…
Well this week has been a little rough due to the adjustments regarding Elder Meyer’s leaving. But today has shown great promise for the weeks to come. I am really excited though i cannot fully tell you what is about to happen because i do not yet know it myself… but i really feel great things are about to hapen in this area!
Elder Brewer is great to live with and we have a lot of fun doing the work together, and just having fun in general!
Also I feel that i should Tell Y’all that President Crawford is leaving next tranfer… That makes me really sad…and feel really old as a missionary. But i am very excited to see what President and Sister Drake will do for this mission.
Well Even without my personal feelings it already seems like a lot is happening without any of my doings.
Oh! almost forgot! This weeks weekly reading assignment will be: Example
and the reading assignment for this will simply be……………………………………………………………..
I know that may seem a bit long but I promise this: God makes time for those who make time for him!
Well i am very excited to see what happens next!
stay tuned for next weeks episode of the epic series: “The two year life span of the missionary, Elder Six”

Love Elder Six

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