April 15, 2014

Well I am so happy! I absolutely love my life! Why is that? Well simply because I try my hardest to have a perspective of love and positivity!
In this weeks letters I received letters somewhat questioning me on what I meant on perspective. That was a very good question. Well i guess the best answer would be… Whatever you think it means. That truly is what it means to have perspective, to see things differently then what others do. Does this mean everything you see your way is right?…. more than likely not most of the time, but seeing things from another’s perspective, especially if it is your own, really helps build awareness of the nature of the world. having said that there is one perspective that is most valued and should always be viewed above all others: Love.
I know I did love already for a weekly reading assignment, but I felt strongly prompted to do this:
The Perspective of Love and Charity
This will be yet another unique assignment…. but it will also be the easiest one I have done so far…. and there will be a reward for doing this one.
The assignment is simply this: I have grown very found a particular scripture in the Bible, 1st Corinthians 13. I want everyone to read it, ONCE, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, feel free to read it multiple times or more throughout the day. But the point of this is so that you may apply this scripture into your life everyday for the entire week.
The reward for doing this is that I will send a letter to all that do this. It is a very short chapter as well, so I will be very much anxiously waiting for the numerous emails that tell me what they gained from doing this activity.
Well as the week I have been having so far has been…. well Elder Brewer is doing much better and we are planning a great rest of the Transfer… wow this transfer is almost over…. man my mission is going by at light speed now.
Well Robert got baptized this Sunday and we got a very promising new investigator, his name is Ricky. He is the Boyfriend of a member whose family takes really good care of us (feed us and do our laundry for us), we have been waiting quite a while to teach him.
Well that is all that I have for this week….
By the way here is a great video that I saw today
oh and probably expect the next letter to come next Tuesday as well.

love y’all so much!
Elder Six

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