April 7, 2014

Hey Y’all! Wasn’t General Conference amazing?! Being on a mission has really improved my perspective on General conference, though I still get a little drowsy here and there, I have learned so much by watching conference. Well last p-day was so much fun! We went to nearby beach (we didn’t swim in it) and oh the memories that came back to me! Man I did I feel young by the end of the day.. yet at the same time so old… well I guess that’s just life… This week has been a bit slow, Elder Brewer has not been feeling his best, so please keep him in your prayers.
Well for this weekly reading assignment I want to try something unique.
The subject is going to be perspective.
Now what i want Y’all to do is to review the General conference talks, pick your favorite one and then ask yourself this question “how can this be applied to perspective” what happens after that is entirely up to you and your imagination!
I know this may be a short email this week…. but before I go there are 2 thing of which to mention. WE must forgive all those who offend us whether be friend or foe it does not matter, we must forgive everyone!
second, remember the movies? I really want to write everyone who watches them but I cant if y’all don’t and do not apply forgiveness in there. remember, 2 whole pages or even more!

Look forward to hearing from Y’all again really soon!

Love, Elder Six

by the way let me just say that I absolutely love my companions! there are so much fun to hang around! we are able to do the work and have so much fun at the same time!lizard


4-7-14 10 boys

4-7-14 9 zone

4-7-14 8 zone

4-7-14 7 zone

4-7-14 6

4-7-14 5

4-7-14 4

4-7-14 3

4-7-14 2

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