March 31, 2014

Hey Y’all! Guess what? Robert got baptized this yesterday!…. AND I GOT TO BAPTIZE HIM! I almost could not believe that we had gotten to that point! it all went by so quickly and the weirdest thing was that I felt that “I” did not accomplish anything, yet I was still Very happy. it was not till that we were standing in the baptismal font that it all fully came to me: I did not get Robert to this point, God did. I did not feel accomplishment because it was not me who was doing the accomplishing! And after the Baptism He looked like as if he were glowing! This week has been so great with my two awesome companions! it is such a great experience with them both (I am totally going to be best friends with them when I get home)! So this last weeks topic was forgiveness…. man this is one that I have had a hard time with in the past, mainly ion forgiving myself. But it is the most important thing to do, WE CANNOT PROGRESS ETERNALLY IF WE CANNOT PROGRESS PAST TEMPORAL HATE. it in even says in one of the scriptures 3 Nephi 13 14-15 that we cannot be forgiven by God if we do not first forgive! I felt a strong prompting to really emphasize this message of forgiveness this month, so since I noticed that hardly anyone did not watch the movies I sent, I am going to give extra time to watch all of them… but I will add 3 more movies
The Testaments
les miserebles
and the new Disney Movie Frozen (have not seen it personally but I hear forgiveness is an integral part of the story)
by the end of the month whoever sends me email or emails about all the movies will get a two page letter! so please watch them and Remember: WHILE WATCHING KEEP FORGIVENESS IN MIND.

For this week……. Well since this is general conference week, Everyone must watch all the sessions and discern for themselves what they felt stood out to them the most.
But to still give y’all something I will give you these videos
Well that is all for this week, Looking forward to next week!

Love Elder Six

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