March 17, 2014

I’ll be staying in my area another transfer and…. even though Elder Bock will be leaving the area I will be put back into a tripanionship! It is very exciting!
speaking of exciting, Robert is getting baptized this week! He is so golden, it is like that he was handed to us on a Golden platter decorated by valuable jewels!
He is progressing greatly!
Even better! We got a awesome new investigator! His name is Zinur and he contacted us while we were riding our bikes which started a 15 minuet conversation about religion! latter next week as we were on the fringe of the Hour of power we get a call from him, telling us that he was in a wreck. He used to live somewhere near Russia and has only been here for 6 months, so we were the only people that he knew! We called a member and picked him up. He is liking our church more and more! Our area is on the verge of coming out of the drought that it was in. This transfer is going to be awesome!
Ok, this weeks weekly reading assignment is going to be about Blessings.
Malachi 3: 8-12 and Mark 12: 41-44
Matthew 16: 21-28
Matthew 6:19-21 and Matthew 7: 1-27
1 Nephi 11

Now as I hope all of you have read the scriptures, nevertheless it is time for what My insight on the subject of Love.
Love, what fascinates me the most about it is that it has the power to change even the hardest of hearts. I have definitely seen this and felt this on my mission. Loving and showing love for others has been one of the greatest experiences that i have felt. So many things that I could say on the matter… but what I have also learned is that knowledge you gain about love is personal in a way that only makes sense to you. my advice: do service, be nice to someone, become someone’s friend, anything that will strengthen your love for others, because I can tell you right now, there is nothing quite like it!

I look forward to hearing from Y’all next week!

Love Elder Six
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day 2

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