March 10, 2014

He y’all I promised I would make up for last week and boy will I. I have decided to have a little fun for my one more year countdown, so I have created something I am simply calling the “Weekly reading” Each week I will pick a subject and assign each day a specific scripture/talk. When y’all read these, i would love to hear Y’alls insight on it. no matter how many or little people do it I will always next Monday give my personal insight on the scriptures/talks.
This week is on Love
Luke 10:25-37
Luke 15:4-7 & 11-32
Matthew 18:23-35
Matthew 26:69-75 &John 21:15-17
Luke 23 emphasis on verse 34
Moroni 7: 43-48
D&C 4
This week was pretty great! Robert has been progressing greatly and the last time we checked on him he was on page 130 in the book of Mormon. we had a Book of Mormon class this last Wednesday adn we were reading Jacob 5 (a very complicated chapter) and he understood it perfectly! Right now he is the only truly progressing investigator, But I am very happy nevertheless!
A member gave a great quote yesterday: “we are not Humans having a spiritual experience, rather we are spirits having a human Experience”
is that just your mind!? it is so true we all started out as spirits that chose to come here and recieve bodies. I have noticed that I have forgotten that at times, I came here to get a Body and to return to Heavenly Father. This is the same with all of us. We must never forget our purpose here!
Well that Is all I have for this week….
Oh! transfers are next week!
Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till then!

Love Elder Six

P.s. share the weekly reading with whomever you please!

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