February 17, 2014

Yep that Is right My one year anniversary on my mission is coming up this Wednesday, that will also be the day my mission does their Temple trip. there is no better way to be spending my day than at the temple. So a funny miracle happened last week, we were trying to contact an address but we actually got the wrong address! But turns out the people we contacted were looking fro a new church to go to and seemed pretty interested in ours! Hopefully we will be able to see them again soon!
Also this last week we had one of the seventy come and visit us!
his name is Elder Aidukaitis. He was so awesome! He talked a lot about diligence which was great, because I had decided the week before to study diligence! Amazing right!
So lately I have been trying to study several subjects to improve my missionary skills, and I have felt prompted to share what I am planning on studying: Humility, patience, and diligence. I strongly encourage that Y’all study these subjects then send me an email on what you learned.
We also had an investigator come to church and really liked it! his name is Charlie Sims.
Well that is all I have for Y’all this week! But I look forward to hearing back from all Y’all again really soon!

Love Elder Six

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