February 3, 2014

Guess what? I am getting transferred!! I will admit I was bit sad, but I am very happy about this next new part of my mission! Elder Collett is getting transferred as well and he will be leaving for Brasil in about 6 weeks. Well I have been doing great this week and transfer, and during this transfer I have leaned several great life lesson both as a missionary and as a person.There was a phrase that until recently, I absolutely hated, “Everything happens for a reason.” a few weeks ago when my bike was stolen, even though I had chosen to remain calm about the situation, Elder Collett had just said that phrase to me and I was groaning inside saying,”what am I supposed to gain from this other than to lock my bike up now.”
This past Saturday there was a Baptism for our Ward, for a young man named Julio. When he got up to bear his testimony, my heart broke for him as he described all the trials that he had gone through. But then he said that phrase, but this time my mind finally understood the meaning of that phrase. God does not want us to suffer, but he knows that it is the only learn. He does not maliciously plan sufferings, he just lets it all happen. He truly only wants to see how we react, or rather, what we choose to do in those perilous trials. It is not what happens that defines us, but rather what we choose to do.
Also an important aspect about missionary work that I have learned is: You are either there to plant the seed, nurture it and watch it grow, or you are there to see it and help it in the final growing stages. i have at least seen all these stages once and it is such a great blessing to be a part of whatever stage!

Well now is the time to pack (insert banshee shriek), but I look forward to hearing from Y’all next week.
Thank you!

Elder Six

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