January 27, 2014

Hey Y’all! it has been so long (not really) (not you Again!)! Well I had a very spiritual experience yesterday at church. The Bishop was Talking and I was taking down some notes, then I noticed that he started talking about less actives and recent converts. It kinda broke my heart, especially when he quoted President Gordon B. Hinkely about a letter he read from a less active recent convert. I t definitely made me see how important it is to not ostracize or ignore anyone at church, you may never know that by something that you either did or did not do, you could be very much responsible for a member going less active. And that is why I encourage you all to put away any bad thoughts that you may have anyone and also to just stretch out your had out to anyone who looks either new or lonely. I can tell you right now that there is nothing truly more gratifying then being nice to someone else. I have felt so much happiness because of it! Things have been getting a bit cold here lately, like really COLD, Like-it-seems-like-the-Ice-Miser-decided-to-drop-by-and-get-a-big-laugh! That kind of cold! I hope its all warm where all of Y’all are at!

Remember to stay warm at all times!

Elder Six

Here is some of the background music I listen when I write Y’all (it is very beautiful!) (that we can actually agree on!)

Excited about teaching investigators.

Excited about teaching investigators.

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