January 6, 2014

Hey Everybody its Your favorite Elder! I am so happy that many of you have watched those 2 movies and know that your letters will be coming soon! This week has been really great and not only because we got 5 new investigators in one lesson! But also because I have thought very deeply what to share with alll Y’all this week! And then It came to me: invite everyone to help out the missionaries! How? Well it is actually something that the Presidents wife, Sister Crawford came up with, “willing and Brief” is what its called! and basically what it is, for example: say you are at the grocery store or at work and you are right next to someone. you strike up a normal conversation and then eventually if you are able to bring up the topic of religion, and if possible use the magic Words “willing and Brief” in this way: Would be willing to listen to a brief Presentation/message that can really apply to you/your families life? If they say no just be polite and either end or continue the conversation. But if they say yes, then invite them to meet with the missionaries. so far for this mission these words have worked like magic! Any one who uses this at least once before next week will get a special email from me! I have the utmost Faith in all of you! I look foreward to hearing from all of Y’all next week!


Love Elder 6

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