December 30, 2013

Hello Everybody!!!!! I have heard and even seen several of you these past few days, amd it was SO awesome to see Y’all! I am So FLIPPIN amazed how much Y’all have changed it blows my mind! This week Has been really great! we have gotten so many new investigators (4) (shush up you stupid parenthesis mark! Thats a lot in my book!) (oh yeah? but in realities book that says 4 and …..) Okay just going to get away from that conversation…. Well the key to our rcent success is just praying for each other during the lessons! This really has boosted our unity as a companionship. By the way I LOVE the all the letters and packages that were sent. It isnt so much as the actual presents as it eas the love and thought put into these gifts! Final reminder, This is the lat week to wacth both those movies and recive a special letter. I look foreward to haering from Y’all really soon and waht you gained from those movies (fat chance of that happening) (I said SHUSH tO YOU!) ( Oh yeah make me!) (Wacth this! I am going to send this letter right now and that will be the end of that!)


Love Elder Six


(Ha! I knew you didnt have the guts to do……..)

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