December 23, 2013

Hey Yalllllllllllll! Merry Christmas! Already the packages have been coming in for everyone here in the Companionship! So thank you to all that were able to send letters and packages and other, it is so heartwarming to know that people care about you! Well this past week was pretty hard and I even got sick at one point so that was pleasant….. fortunately that only lasted for a day. We have been having difficulty getting to church and it is so frustrating when they dont! still got to love them though, I tip my hat (if I had/was allowed to wear one) to Jesus for being such an amazing example of love! Remember that you will get a special hand written letter from me if you watch those two movies and then email your thoughts about them! I love this time of year! for some reason people just choose to actually be more nice to each to other, It is so wonderful! I havent got much time left due to a wonky schedule going on right now, but I wanted to say just this: Lately we have been teaching a lot of people who have hard times forgiving either themselves or others. this has caused a lot a personal reflection, and has helped me to better forgive myself and others. And just let me say that there is so much happiness from forgiving yourself and others and not holding grudges. My Christmas Advice this year is this: If you are having problems forgiving yourself and/or doing something that is preventing you from forgiving someone else, just let it go and forgive. self loathing/hatred is not worth it just forgive. and the best part about this is that I am backed by Jesus (3Nephi13:14-15) READ THIS.  I love Y’all so much! have a Merry Christmas!


Love Elder Six

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