December 16, 2013

Hey Y’all! before we begin this email, I want to give a shout out to my now 117 year old sister Savannah! Happy B day!!!!!!! Well this week has been very interesting….. well Elder Hoyts bike was stolen from inside the church….. that’s right…. two stolen bikes in two weeks! We had Christmas conference this week, it was so awesome! I would like to thank all those who sent those special letters to me, they were very uplifting! I was able to sing a song there, Silent Night, it was so great! And we watched a really awesome movie: Ephraim’s rescue. Dare you not to cry during it……. In fact, just like my investigators I am going to leave y’all with a commitment to do during this Christmas Season: Watch these two movies, 17 Miracles and Ephraim’s Rescue. If you watch these two movies before the end of December, Email me that you did and also email me your home address so that I can write you a special letter! While this week has not been our most successful week, but it has been one of the biggest growing experiences I have had on my entire mission. One of the things I have learned is that “you know you are doing something good when you are sacrificing something. Please keep that in mind as you are watching those two movies. I t5hank you all so much for the support and love Y’all give to me! And on one last note, please send my companions a Christmas email this week. Their emails are and
Merry Christmas!

Love Elder Six

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