December 2, 2013

Hey Y’all! Well my Thanksgiving was great! We went to a combined lunch with 3 families: The Andersons, Fusselmans, and Mathers! The food was SOOOOOOOOO good! one of the kids there, Hinkely Fussleman, That kid is 10 years old and a flippin genius! He is writing his own book and he told us a bit about it…. You know it is kids like him that give me hope for the future. after that we actually had a second dinner with The Dominguez Family. it was fun, but the father seemed to avoid us. When we got back we watched some church approved movies, my favorite one was the Mountain of the lord. We were unable to see one of my absolute favorites, The Testaments, Great movie! would very much recommend! We got a really solid investigator this week, her name is Raquel. She loves hearing our message and even came to church 30 minuets early. Ok, time for a weird story: We were riding on our bikes when we see this pony in the path! we watched it for a little while and then moved on, we then saw a bald eagle in the trees, and then we saw a German cook who had been around the entire world. after all that Elder Collett said I have seen a pony, bald Eagle and a German, I can go home a happy man now. OH Elder Collett!
Well that is all for this weekly report, hope y’all have a great week!
Love Elder Six
Special thanks to dad six for the package! I love it very much and so do the Elders ( the candy that is)

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