November 4, 2013

Hey Y’all! Well we get transfer calls this week! i am most likely gong to be leaving the area, its very sad but at he same time I am alright. We had a pretty amazing lesson this week, it was with our recently released convict investigator, Thomas. We even took President Crawford with us! The Lesson went well, then afterwards President Crawford Interviewed Thomas…. Well he wont be getting baptized until after his parole is over, which is in 2 years. I am totally going to be there when it does happen though. We also met with an Investigator who has been investigating for 8 years, Jason. It seems like he is finally doing all that is necessary for him to be baptized. He had a most awesome experience recently: One of his friends at work has a problem believing in God, And through God inspired suggestions that we gave Jason, he then told his friend to pray. the next time they met, his friend told him, “Jason, Thank you, I do believe in God.” That was simply amazing how something as simple as praying can effect somebody. We left Alma 32 for Jason t hopefully read to him. The rest of the week went by way to quickly. But my Spirits have definitely been lifted this week! Hope all is going well for Y’all! look foreward from hearing y’all really soon!

Love Elder Six

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