October 21, 2013

Hey Y’all!…. Wow this week was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Busy that it went by like a snap of the fingers! Well lets get to the good stuff first: Jamie and Chris got Confirmed! They were so Happy and as were we! If I ever come back here, they will be one of the first people I visit! Plus were able to get on of the Investigators I had been meeting with since I got here to finally go to Church! His name is Ricky…. He is also in a constant state of drunkness… hopefully this will be a changing point for him. By the way if you ever come to Texas look out for the mosquito, they are totally evil here!…. we werent able to get many lessons this week, I dont even want to begin to how many people cancled! Well…. yikes this week was pretty uneventful… Oh! Elder Cook could be going to Africa soon… so I am pretty sad and happy… I am so sorry that this email was so short, but I Really got nothing else that happened… well thats mission life, when one week is hard, Try harder the next one! I wont let this get me down there is too much important things to do! We WILL have a longer email this next week! I promise you that! Well until next week!

Love Elder Six!

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