October 1, 2013

Well everyone… Transfers were this week and guess what?… I am staying here for one more transfer! Sorry for the slight delay, the internet was down yesterday. The other Elders and I have been getting along great! Elder Cook is a pretty awesome guy! And I have beaten him up pretty bad when he tries to go out of line, so to speak….. Well this week kinda went interestingly weird. At first we were getting a ton of lessons and then Suddenly… everyone starts cancelling! Oh Boy! We managed to recuperate to a point but unfortunately we did not get as many lessons as we hoped… But we did have a very good sacrament attendance, we even saw people who had not been to church for a long time. We also got to go to the Temple this week! it is always so great going there! I Highly reccomend that anyone that is capable of going, do it as often as possible! When I get back I definitely want to make it a monthly thing to go to the Temple. Guess What!!!!!?????? I can finally take off the boot! it is still pretty hard to run, but i am getting there! By the way i would like to give a big old thanks to Grandma Emily for the care package she sent! We all love the music she sent to us, has kept our sanity in check! Chris’ baptism unfortunately has to be pushed to the 13th, but I am still so happy to see his progress! Well if only if everyone didn’t cancel I would definitely have more stories for Y’all! Well I Definitly feel that this week is going to be a lot better! Thank Y’all for the support!

Elder Six



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