September 23, 2013

Hey Y’all as you have probably guesed from the title I am going to the temple this week! I have been saving up the money Y’all gave to go to the store and buy some talks, music, calenders and a little something for Elder Nehring! We have gotten our new companion! his name is Elder Cook! He is pretty Freaking Awesome! Things are transitioning in very quickly! Guess what!!!!!!!!? we are baptizing Chris this next Saturday! we dont know who he wants baptized, But I am just so happy that I have been able to teach the worlds greatest investigator! When he came to Church this sunday he also brought his member wife, their newborn baby girl, and his two stepsons. they were absolutely adorable! When I was kneeling down to talk with them, they hugged right there! They are absolutely Precious! especially since that one of them has downsyndrome! jamie is doing great she has a baptismal date for the 13th of next month and has asked Elder Loveland to baptize Her and for me to do the special musical number! I want to sing “Savior Redemer of My Soul” If possible could any of Y’all send me the sheet music? We even took Chris to a Baptism with one of our most awesome members Sydney Webb ( He’s a guy) And guess who was there?! President And Sister Crawford! they will probably be at his baptism!!! I am so excited!

Love You all so much

Elder Six

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