September 16, 2013

Elder Knudson has got his visa to go to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting and yet so sad!!!! he will be actually be leaving our tripanionship tomorrow! but it will only be temporary… we are getting a new companion this Wednesday!!!! And guess what? he is also a visa waiter, and he is going to Africa. Elder Loveland had Leadership training this week so we had to go to the country side in Liberty, and go on exchanges there with Elder Henrie (mainly because I cannot really drive right now). But we were able to see Elder Nehring!!!! It was so great to see him again!!!!! I have found that I just love the country area, it is so beautiful there and has this kind of like ancient felling to it, plus it is so easy to breath there! Chris is doing great…. but unfortunately he was unable to attend church this Sunday, mainly because his newborn daughter did not go to sleep until 5 in the morning. looking foreward to when I have kids of my own. The Cuevas family…. I am very worried about them right now, they did not come to church when they said they would, and have not replied ever since. I am VERY worried. Jamie is doing great, our next lesson with her we had member family, the Amnonsons, accompany us. the lesson went amazing! She is so willing and ready for everything. She is still facing some big hardships, especially with the ex, he has been telling their two boys that she is joining a cult. It is so sad that he does not see how happy it makes his kids! fortunately the kids dont believe a single word of it. the foot is doing a lot better, i will probably have to go see the doc. again really soon. Dont worry all is well! Well that is all for this week, cannot wait to hear from Y’all soon!

Elder 6

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