September 9, 2013

Hey Y’all!!! Its Elder Six!!!!!!!!!!! Well lets get right to it shall we? This week has been pretty good so far. Though unfortunately not much happened this week… but the stuff that did happen was pretty great! Jamie, one of our investigators has accepted a date to be baptized! she even had a dream that she was being baptized so that was just really amazing as well. Chris is doing awesome as always!! He even came to church this Sunday! We were surprised how many people came and who they were. among some of them were part member families and long lost investigators, so it was pretty exciting!!! We also found out that day that some of then were even related to each other! I am smelling great opportunities from this! We got another investigator family, the Risner family. They seem very curious, the mom, crystal, even helped explain what we were teaching to her 9 year old son. Speaking of Investigator families… We were a bit worried about the Cuevas family for a while. they cancelled on two of our appointments and did not show up for church. fortunately we were able to meet with them this Sunday and talk what happened. Apparently they were all sick and what wanted us to answer a few questions before they went back. Dodged a bullet there. For the rest of this email I want to talk about a special time us Missionaries here have every Thursday. It is called the Hour of Power. The Hour of Power is when The prophet goes and Prays at the Temple every Thursday at 6 pm (Texas time) it is then we missionaries take an hour of our time to pick a street by the guidance of the Spirit and then tract there for an hour. Many miracle have happened because of this and I would really love if Y’all would take a few minuets every Thursday around that time to pray for all us missionaries doing the Hour of Power. Well that is all for this week! Sorry about no pictures this week I have to organize my camera a little bit during free time. you will get some next week though. Cant wait to hear from y’all next week!

Love Elder Six

P.S. My companions and I are trying cook to family dinners that we had at home, so if y’all could send any family recipes that would be great

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