September 3, 2013

Remington broken toe boot

Remington broken toeHey Y’all!!! iIf you havent read my last email about the boot then…… I injured myself, Sprained and slightly fractured my right foot… Well other than that I feel just superb!!! I already cannot believe that I am almost halfway through the transfer! Holy smoked barbecue how time flies!!! This week we recieved two new investigators! The first one is a guy by the name of Chris. He has been to many churches and has been baptized severall times. He was actually an referal from the spanish missionaries. I dont remeber how long he was taught before he was referred to us, but I know it wasnt more than a month. Either way, he is as golden as an invetigator can get! he hasnt even been to church yet and he is one of the most spiritually enlightened people I have ever met! He has baptismal date set for the 22nd of this month! Another new investigator we have is a woman who will walk to church if she has to! her name is Andrella! She was contacted through a finicial aid class that the church offers here, and she is so ready to hear the gospel! One time when we were meeting with here she even gave us food! AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! another amazing thing about her is that she payed fast offerings this sunday! AMAZING! I will confess it is so nice when people are willing to either help us or offer us food. It really brightens my day. If any of y’all ever have the oppertunity, I REALLY STRONGLY encourage Y’all to help the missionaries as best as possible. having said that lets continue this weeks report. The Cuevas Family is doimg great!!!! They all have agreed to all be baptized on the 29th of this month!!!!!!!! They even came to church this sunday! Another Investigator we are working with goes by the name of Jamie. She is…. well she going to be single mother who is friends with a member family, and has been really blessed by the gospel. She even took the initiative to come to church even when we did not ask her. Please pray for her and her family. We had exchanges with zone leaders this week, that was alot of fun, Elder Knudson and I went to the Zone leaders are with Elder slater. We had a great experience there!!! It also made me realize that we have no cds for our car, and since we are restricted to the car because of my injury, we have to drive everywhere!!!! Elder Nehring had some but he’s gone now.there were 3 cds that were really awesome, I am not asking for them right now but I want Y’all to kkep these cds in mind for future reference: “Vocal point Lead thou me on” “Stephen Sharp Nelson Christmas Cello” and “Marshall Mcdonald This Is the Christ” I highly reccomend that if you have any free time that you listen to these, they are so amzing!!!! Well thats all for this week! I cant wait to hear from Y’all!

Elder Six

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