August 26, 2013

Hey Y’all! Well for this past week I am pretty sure you have all lived in suspense with all the teasers I have left you…. Well all of them will be answered right now! We got a new companion…. His name is Elder Loveland. A interesting fact about him: he may be new to you, but to me he is very familiar. We both have been in the same Zone and district since I first got here! He is a really solid Missionary! Well lets get to the good stuff shall we? week we got a new Investigator, or rather a really solid family of Investigators! They are relatives of one of the members in the ward. their name are the Cuevas family. we have taught them a lot already and they seem very willing to learn. They have been to a lot of churches, in fact before we got there they were just talking about which church they should join next. AWESOME RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! Another great new investigator goes by the name of Johnny. we have only met with him once but it was a very spiritual experience. he has done a lot of bad things in his life, but sincerely wants to make his life a better one. and this is were it gets kinda funnily AWESOME! He gets a spiritual Experience when hears the 80’s song “Here I Am” by the Scorpions! by the way we almost got bed bugs this past week! we were asked to do service but weren’t informed of the details. when we get there we learn that the house is infested with bed bugs! I don’t think we got any on us. Well that’s all for this weeks “In the Life of a missionary by the name of Elder Six”, cant wait to hear from Y’all!!!!!!


Elder Six

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