August 19, 2013

HEY YAll… well a you can tell from the title I am getting a new companion… Elder Nehring Is leaving. It is very sad… but I am anxious to see our new companion. This p day we are going to some thrift shores to do some crazy shopping, plus it will be for Elder Knudson’s girlfriend who will soon be serving in temple square. Elder Knudson tries to act like he is so that and macho man. when really he is a big plushy teddy bear! The work has been going great here! We have been meeting with several very promising potentials. And there are……… the harder ones. such one is aguy by the name Ronnie. he is hilarious, especially with his concerns, we can answer them one week, only to be asked again next week. still we are making progress with him, slowly but surely. good news everyone! you are finally getting some pictures! You can thank my dad for the chargers he gave me. i am planning alot of big changes for this new transfer, i am going to try to instigate a ward FHE here. it would really help the work progress greatly! I  wish I could write more this week, but unfortunately I only have an hour to do emails, not only that but I also have to email my mission president. I love hearing all y’alls life experinces, it keeps me updated on the world today.
Till next week!
Elder Six
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