August 12, 2013

Hey y’all!!! Its your favorite Elder SEIS!!!! Last week was pretty great!. We’ve had a lot of new potential investigators and several new Investigators. life has been going very well and I could not be any happier (Even though I’m probably missing a lot of great books and Movies right now). The statement in the parenthesis aside… Being in the service of God is truly a most wonderful thing. All you younger kids/relatives I strongly suggest that you go on missions yourselves, it is a very life changing experience! it will bring you so much happiness and joy that you cannot contain. plus the people you meet here are equally awesome and amazing! Especially your companions. My companions here are doing great and I just simply love them so much! you wouldn’t believe all the wacky stories that would hear from them. Speaking of which its time for today’s funny story of the week!!!!!!!

So this last Sunday, We had a potential that we wanted to come to church, but as it turns out it is raining rivers out there! So we had to run through all the rain nearly drenching all our clothes! Elder Nehring even slipped in the mud once! As it turns out the guy wasn’t even there. And as we get back to the Church it stop raining……. how horrible is that!!!!!????
Well that’s all for this week, looking forward to talking to Y’all next week!
Elder Six 
P.S. Elder Nehring has some troubles with his cord so I cannot connect with computer and send you Y’all pictures this week. SORRY
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