August 5, 2013

Hey y’all its your favorite Elder Speaking…. writing technically. Anyway, Having a blast over here, We’ve been meeting with lots of People, and trying to be a little more persistant. Man people can be so hard to work with some times, but If Heavenly Father and Jesus can put up with them so can I. We recently got this CD of a talk about thye Atonement called “The True Meaning of the Atonement” It is a really awesome talk and I recommend it to everyone, Seriously listen to it, it will blow your mind! Zone meeting was last week and it was a lot of fun, My favorite part was when we talked about Improving companionship unity. for that we did something called “warm fuzzies” and for that we each took a piece of paper, wrote our names down, and then passed it around, then everyone would write down something nice about you. it not only makes you feel really good inside, but it also shows how much people care about you. Zone P day is today, I am really excited about it, should be able to get a lot of pictures there. My companions are still awesome as ever! there are so much fun to hang around with! Now for this weeks funny story: While We were riding in the car to an appointment, we were talking about the old cartoons that we had as little kids, Then Elder Nehring brings up a show called “Johnny Bravo,” and in one episode the main character is talking to his hand puppet General Sherman, and a little history for those of you who dont know who he is, he was a Union general during the Civil War that Burned Atlanta to the ground. so anyways, the Main character ask General Sherman what should he do and the Puppet replies “Follow Your Heart, AND BURN ATLANTA!!!!!!” Pretty Historically deep for a kids show Right? Well thats this weeks funny Story, And BOY do I have some more to tell y’all. Well thats all for this week, a lot more exciting things should be happening though, so I should have a lot more to write next time.
Love Yall SO MUCH

Elder Seis


Elder seis is the nickname that Elder Knudson gave me

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