July 29, 2013

Hey Ya’ll there! Its your favorite missionary, Elder Six! This week has been going pretty good. Though I cant believe that Its already week 4 in this transfer! I am actually really nervous as to what might happen this next transfer, I would like to spend just one more transfer in this area. There are so many wonderful people here, especially my companions. They are so great! we get along so well! But I’ll go wherever the Lord wants me to go! So two of our investigators have now moved away, but good news is that they want to continue the lessons. A lot of our investigators have been getting a bit flaky lately, but that doesn’t stop our persistence! I will tell this also, never in my life have I seen so much roadkill! I mean seriously! I’ve literally seen hundreds, I’ve even seen Armadillos, hamburger style. Just don’t press on the subject, for your own sanity, don’t. By this funny qoute came up during a conversation between me and Elder Nehring. We were driving in the car and we see this little boy and in his hand is a stick and he is just having a grand time. While watching this I smile softly and say, “Give a Kid a stick and He’ll create Universes.” Then Elder Nehring replies, “Or poke someone with it.” A lot of great things happening here, but I still miss you all so much! Well thats all for this week, see Ya’ll later!

Love Elder Six

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