July 22, 2013

What the heck!!!!! I’m already half way done with this Transfer!!!!????? WOW!!!! Time really is non existent Over here! I should be home at no time at this rate! Anyway…… HAPPY 2OTH BIRTHDAY TO ME AND………………… I do not feel any Older at all… This feels really weird…. Anyway… again. This week has been so great! Thank you who were able to send all the stuff I got! and more importantly, Thank you all for remembering it was my Birthday! My companions and I celebrated a Oliver Garden just today. It was nice to have celebrated it with friends. Now onto mission life.Its still great out here!! Being in a tripanionship is very interesting, but is manageable. I’ve got some sad news though… William is possibly going to be Moving to San Antonio… But in truth it would probably be good for him, since he would move in with his sister and be away from all the bad influences. we still want to get him started on the Stop Smoking Program before then. We got 1 new investigator,another friend of William’s. We had 2 investigators at church, we didn’t even have to invite one of them to come! There have been so many rainstorms here lately, and we nearly got struck by lightning! we were in the car and the lightning struck no more than 10-20 feet from us! we’re perfectly fine don’t worry.Well thats all for this week! look foreward to hearing from y’all!


Elder Six

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