July 8, 2013

Hey Yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat an interesting week has it been this week! Ok, I cant hold it in guess what? Elder Nehring and I are getting another companion!!!!!!!! A TRIPANIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited as heck especially since its going to be another trainee!!! I’ll have to help Elder Nehring a bit on this one. Anyway another VERY interesting event happend this week at church. Our invesyigator, William. Well for fast and testimony meeting he kinda….. well I guess he……. Oh for pities sake! He did a rap for it!!!! it was VERY interesting. unfortunately Bishop Love had to cut him off, and William was pretty upset. Thankfully some members were able to cheer him up a bit, and the next 2 hours of church went relatively fine. I am very worried for william right now, please keep him in your prayers, his family and him are going through a lot of challenges right now. Things are still great here! Time has gone by so fast I can hardly believe it sometimes!!! I have already been out almost 5 months now!!!!!! I look forward to many great experiences that will come next and for your next letters!


Elder Six

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