June 3, 2013

Hey everyone! Elder Six! Boy do I have things to tell all y’all! the tire on our car exploded, and we had to replace it with the spare, fortunately so random people came and helped us. we’re even sending them the Spanish speaking missionaries to teach one of them. We also met this interesting woman by the name of Kelly, and OH BOY did she have a story to tell. apparently she served in Afghanistan where her brother died in her arms after he sacrificed himself to save her. she currently works as a federal agent, she has a price on her head and has had to move several times! she lived in a house that was built over a graveyard for murderers and other not so good people. lets just say that a lot of bad stuff happened there. she is recently divorced from her husband who was married to another woman in India! And she has raised over 6 kids during the course of these events. kinda makes you appreciate how good your life is, and all of that was just some of things that happened in her life. Church was very good, but there are so few people going there. we had 2 investigators go to church, one of them by the name of William is really promising. Thank you to everyone who helped get me my bike! well that’s all for now! Talk to y’all next week!


Elder Remington Rockwell Six

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