May 24, 2013

Hey everyone! Elder Six here! here is my update on what has happened to me during my MTC time. The classes here are sooooooo long, and it doesn’t really help that everything I’m learning here I have already learned because I have been out on the field! I am really looking forward to going back to the mission field! But in a way it is very sad, I have already grown so close to my companions here, and two of them aren’t even going to Texas. Elder Hoopes and Elder Park are going to Oklahoma! In a way I’m scared for them, you guys told me about the tornadoes that recently happened there, well that’s were they’re going! I got my shoes from Aunt Della recently so I am good now. heads up, I cant find the cord for my cord charger, so I had to buy a disposable camera at the MTC store, so don’t expect any pictures until the situations resolved. Ive actually have run into some people I know here, one is a girl by the name of Zoe Johnson, I knew her family and her when I served in Gilbert. I sung at her farewell!. another person I met was Micheal Patterson, for those of you who know him and his family. Apparently he works at the MTC. I also met one other person, but i wont tell you who it is until you watch a church video by the name of “The District 2.” Well that’s whats been happening this week! Oh! Mom, Dad, before I forget: I’m told that i will need a bike, what is the situation on that? well that’s all I have to say now! talk to y’all later!

Elder Remington Rockwell Six

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