May 6, 2013

Hey Y’allllll! sorry trying to brush up on my Texas talk. anyway………. Elder Six, full time missionary, whose companion HAS eaten Dolphin MEAT before, he didint know it was Dolphin meat albeit, but he still liked it, that still does not change the fact that he is an awsome missionary and a great Friend. anyway….. again……. Life has been great!!!!!! We did my goodbye rounds today with ward members, it was really hard. Guess what?! it Seems that Gibby is going to be getting alot of Gators after i LEave! Weird….. and a little bit unfair……. but i know he will be exactly what they need. I cannot believe im going to be seeing you guys real soooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i CANT WAIT TO SEEEEEE YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! And hopefully you guys will be able to see my companions as welll!!!!!!!!!!!!! it feels really weird going home, even if for only for a little while. wow……….. Well i cant wait to see you guys!!!!!1 see Y’allll pardners real soon y’alll hear? like a Hare on a conveyer belt going forward while wearin a jet pack kinda soon.


Elder Remington Rockwell Six


I was kidding about Elder Gibby eating Dolphin Meat, But do not tell the Six, Coonce, or Abermathy kids that. I want to see their reactions.

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