April 29, 2013

Elder Six here! Hey everyone! things have been going well here, Irene fell throgh with her lessons AGAIN though. I m really worried for her. it is getting SO freakin hot over here! Me and Poffenberger got into a Nerf gun fight, It was epic!!!! I’ll admidt that I sound a bit possesed/Evil in the video that Gibby recorded, need to get a copy of that. by the way i won. Ealier last week we met another family that were direct descendants of Levi Savage, Cool Right!!!! the Family’s name were the Bordens, they have the most adorable Kids. Its SOOOOO hard not being able to play Kids. The Zone Leaders had me teach the lessons on tuesday, Bad idea! went a little power mad. speaking of going mad, ive been going crazy waitting for that dang letter to get here and tell me whats going to happen. can you believe i have a week left in Gilbert!??! Ill be able to see you guys soon, I am so Unbelievably happy for that. by the way, it will be on tuesday where all the returnig home missionaries will be leaving, so it might be that day when you guys should come. I miss EVERYONE SO MUCH, ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. I SERIOSLY CANT WAIT TO YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!!!!

Sorry no pictures.

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