April 1, 2013

Hey Everybody! just you’re favorite missionary Elder Six!, Thgis week has been great! My new companion goes by the name of elder Gibby, he is really cool and i have enjoyed his presence. I went to the Easter Pagent this teusday with Jerry and Matt, love dit as usual! Jerry got baptized this Saturday, he even gave a prayer in the font immedietly after he was baptized! Gibby said it was the most spiritual baptism he had ever been to. so for the rest of the week i have been showing Gibby around the area and introducing to the ward leaders and ward missionaries. lately we have beeen trying to get the more missionary minded memebers involed with finding new investigators. our other goal is to visit all the less active members as well. Oh I forgot to mention that Dockstader got called to serve in Sholo, so he will be avoiding a hot Arizona summer. Churcj was great! the Easter program had alot of good taks and musical numbers. people all over the wards are almost constantly asking me about my musical talents, i am so glad that my singing voice wont die out here. By the way….. thanks for the Easter candy dad, we all ate it quickly.this weekend we also attended a wedding reception that we helped set up. the bride and groom were both from New Zeland- ithink. well thats all i have to say this week. cant wait to hear from you guys!
Love Elder Six
I got to take a picture with the actor who played as Jesus at the Easter Pagent!
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