March 25,2013


DSCF3063[1]Hey everybody! just your favorite missionary, Elder Six! life has been going really good right. ill just get to the sad news right now, we have to reschedule Matt and irene’s Baptismal dates. they are still on date just later now. we got tranfer calls yesterday, im still going to stay here but Dockstader has been called to serve as a zone leader. me and the other elders are sad about that. well at least im still here. ill miss dockstader a lot. now on too the good stuff. we have another confirmed baptismal date on the 30th! his name is Jerry, ive only met him twice now but he seems like an awesome guy, were even taking him to see the Easter Pagent this tuesday. me and dockstader had musical number this sunday for a farewell, we sang “God be with you till we met Again” we got a lot of compliments. Ive heard a lot of things concerning part time missionaries. dockstader has met several and he vaguley recalls that stayed home for at least a week or even more. just thought it was interesting and something for you guys to talk about. Elder Poffenberger and i got into a wrestling match, I won. ill try to have one of the guys send me the pictures they took of the event. we also went to the temple this wednsday, i couldnt go in though, but the outside is still great to be at. man have i missed you guys it is always so great to hear from you. oh by the way, the next transfer is most likely on may 1. just to let you know so you guys can pick me up and get to meet my fellow elders, they really want to meet you. cant wait to hearr from you!

Elder Six

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