March 18, 2012


DSCF3057[1]Hey everybody! this week has been going great so far! If you recall one of my investigators, Irene, well she agreed (very enthusiastically) to get baptised on March 3. it was very exciting! My bike has tried to kill me for the 10th time now. further confirming that it is a live and trying to kill me. I had some celebrity moments this week: first was when Dockstader and I went to a family called the Larsens for dinner. after we ate, Brother Larsen showed us the death masks of Joseph Smith And Hyrum Smith, he then proceeded to amaze us by revealing that he was a direct descendant of Joseph Smith through his oldest son Joseph Smith the 3rd. Cool right?! it gets better, while talking to one of our ward mission leaders Brother Bell, Whom i have known for the entirety of my stay here, he revealed that he was the descendant of Levi Savage, you know the guy from the habd cart company, if not watch the movie “17 Miracles” the main character is his very great grandfather. and lastly last night i got to meet football superstar, Denis Pitta! I had a meeting with president Howes ealier this week, it went very well, he is extremly kind. Thank you dad for the jacket (which came a little to late unfortunately) and the gold fish, and thanks especially for bringing the medicine to me. Doctor Obannon says im progressing very well and i should definitely be off my medication by the end of my mission here. speaking of which while were trying to pick up my medication at the target near us we met a family friend of Dockstaders family, we talked for a little while and then somehting very interesting happened, she gave us a $100! we triled to polietly refuse at first but she insisted, plus she was not the kind of person you wanted to mess with. we treated ourselves to a very fufilling lunch. life has been great, though i am tired ALL the time and even passed out several times during personal study, the guys the proceeded to put stuff on me and take pictures in my vulnerable state. my fellow roomates are really great guys! we love just talking about random stuff in our lives (which also includes comforting me about all the movies and video games ill be missin), and if one companionship had a bad day the other does its best to cheer them up. well thats all the stuff that has happened to me this week, i missed everyone so so much during this spring break (more like spring work more), i especially missed going to mexico, where i could SWIM to my hearts content. miss ypou all so much! cant wait to here from you!

Elder Six

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